Jay McCollum, LMT.

More than a decade of massage practice helping people get back to the roots of wellbeing:
Increase Mobility, Relieve Pain, Reconnect Body and Mind
and help to restore health from injury and the ravages of daily life.


Roots Bodywork is advanced therapeutic massage. Move beyond immediate relief to long-term structural balance, whether you’re reaching for athletic performance, seeking relief from a chronic condition or recovering from acute trauma.

Note from Jay

I have over a decade of experience working with people from all walks of life. I have had the honor of working with athletes, people suffering from chronic pain, musicians, and even a man who was catastrophically attacked by a grizzly bear in 2003.

I take a strategic and planned approach to help people find relief from pain, and reestablish an active and mobile life again. I have a firm belief that the experience of pain and the therapy to help alleviate that pain is unique to each person. I don’t buy into the one size fits all mentality. I work closely with my clients and take their feedback so we can create a working space together that allows them to feel informed, comfortable, and inspired.

I have been seeing Jay for his excellent care for over 10 years. He is always evolving as a massage therapist, perfecting his technique, learning new ones and tailoring treatment to your needs. Not only does he provide top notch body work, his stories and conversation are equally as good. Between the great massage and conversation the hour, sadly, flies by too quickly. Book an appointment today!
Megan Zetter